Pink Doggie


This shot dates back over a year now. Not sure if it works, what with cutting off the puppy’s owner’s head like that, but it really wasn’t about the women. I have no idea where this was taken, except it was downtown.

So today was a bit of a shit show for me. Had to take in my truck for repairs and rent a car to get to work. I won’t see the truck again until late Wednesday or early Thursday. Sadly, she needs a tranny transplant. That’s gonna eat into the ol’ pocket book to the tune of $2,100 plus tax, and the car rental. Yikes! On the plus side we had a big pot luck lunch today at work, followed by a rambunctious hour long game of charades, team vs team. Meanwhile, all my work sat waiting on my desk. I was getting pretty damn anxious about it come the end of the day when I was playing a game called catch up, but my coworker Ann, as usual, came to my rescue. I’m fortunate to have such a fantastic job and be a part of a wonderful and close team, but it’s Ann who makes coming to work worth the drive to Richmond Hill every day. I’m blessed to have her in my life. Sometimes, especially during bad times, it’s good to step back and take a look at the good people and things in your life and appreciate how lucky you are to have them. Meanwhile, I’m driving a Volkswagen Persaud for the next few days. It’s surprisingly crappy. 🙂

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4 Responses to Pink Doggie

  1. I think the line of pink pulls it all together…. wheel, shirt, dog, shoes, then polka dots. I like it and who needs heads of people when little dogs in pink coats are present!

  2. A cute and candid shot 🙂

  3. It works. The dog is the main attraction and you know it is a stylish woman walking him.

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