Cowboy on Base


This shot dates back to early last February. If I recall it was pretty damn cold. I was out with the photo walks group and we ended up at this seedy bar on Queen called The Dominion. Somehow I ended up away from the group table and spent the evening chatting up this lovely redheaded girl who was sitting by herself at another table. It was amazing. We had this really personal and honest conversation and shared a bunch of stuff I doubt either of us ever share with the people we know. It was sort of cathartic. I think we both needed each other that night. In the end we went our separate ways and although I did give her my card I never saw or heard from her again. As for the band, the music was good but not really what I’m into, but boy the band had character.

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2 Responses to Cowboy on Base

  1. love the blurred movement of his hand. Great shot.

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