The Beautiful Blair


This is Blair looking beautiful as always. I think I met her only once on a photo walk. She’s an actress and really knows how to work the camera. It was a great experience for me, taking her photo. This goes back to May 2011 in Little Italy, which really seems like a lifetime ago.

So it looks like we’re going to have a white weekend here in Toronto. They’re calling for something like 10-15 cm of snow, last I heard. I don’t care, I have nowhere to go. December has never been a good month for me and the closer we get to the holidays the worse it gets. You’d think after being alone at Christmas for most of my life I’d be used to it by now. I usually see my dad Christmas day but not this year. Last year he let me down at Christmas and I’m not big on risking a repeat. You know who doesn’t let me down? I don’t let me down. That’s the one benefit of being alone at Christmas, you set your own expectations and you meet those expectation and you don’t get let down by anyone. Don’t take these words as me feeling sorry for myself, I’m quite indifferent to it, actually. I’m just saying, is all… Have a great weekend.

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