Distillery Truck




Happy Friday boys and girls. This photo was taken at the Distillery District back in mid-October. It was one wet day, as I recall. Looking at the first shot now, I’m thinking I should have included the entire grill of the truck. At the time I wanted to get in close enough to really capture the sheen on the metal caused by the rain water. The second photo works but again I’m inclined to think I should have combined both photos into one portrait shot. Doesn’t matter. This truck has been shot to death and I’ve got nothing to add, really.

So I’m off work until next Friday!!! Yay! Had a lot of fun at work today. I brought in little gifts of chocolate for my team. They seemed to enjoy it. And I’ve been getting chocolate for a couple of days now from various people. I know I’ve said it before but it’s worth repeating (at least to me it is, anyway); I’m one lucky guy to get to work with such terrific people. In fact, the coming week is going to be a tad lonely without them. On the flip side, I’ve got six days to sleep in a bit. I’m also going to force myself to get downtown and take some photos. It’s been way too long now. So that it’s for today. Have a great weekend.

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