I’m not much of a landscape photographer. With this one I was going for silhouetted trees in the foreground to frame the water and sky in the background. I felt that if I retained light and detail on the trees the shot would be too busy. I think it works. Hope you like it.

So I’m finally back home after being at a downtown hotel all week. You may have heard, we had a pretty bad ice storm Saturday night and lost power. It came back today, finally. It’s nice to be home, I gotta say. Just getting my poop in a group now and am hoping to get out for a little photography.

I also bought myself a new tripod for Christmas! Sold my old one along with my old camera and lenses, so I figured I could spend a little on a new one. This one knocks down to like 20 inches long, which is terrific. And it’s light as a feather. Looking forward to some night photography with it.

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