Nathan Phillips Square Night


Well all the ice from the ice storm is now gone, thank god. A couple of nights ago you could hear it falling off the trees and roofs all through the night, crashing to the ground. I have a large oak and a smaller maple on my property and thankfully neither took any damage from the storm. It’s been just above zero here the past two days so everything is back to normal, save for the few thousand people still awaiting power. I can’t imagine what it’s like for them. Hope they get their power back today.

The photo is from a fall outing to see the art installation at city hall, left over from Nuit Blanche. I’m looking forward to getting out with my new tripod at night. Hopefully soon, as long as the weather cooperates. Hope you’re having a great weekend.

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3 Responses to Nathan Phillips Square Night

  1. …and your image is fabulous. A really great moody shot of a commonly photographed site. Excellent photographic vision.

  2. Thanks Mike. Yeah, look Brampton had a nasty time of it, too. The beaches were bad here in TO. And thanks for your compliment about my photo.

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