Mall Reader


I shot this at the Eaton Centre on Christmas day. Boy was that place dead. Seemed like there was no more than maybe a dozen of us walking around. I saw this guy just sitting and reading and couldn’t help but wonder if he had any family. Later I saw him at the food court at Atrium on the Bay, which is a smaller mall just north of the Eaton Centre. Again, he was alone and reading. I guess not everyone has people to be with on Christmas, eh?

So I got out today and met the photo walks group for lunch at a bar out on Queen West called Cadillac Lounge. After lunch we ended up at another bar called The Drake Hotel. It was a really nice day for me. A nice way to start the new year, I suppose. Hope you’re feeling okay today. I’m sure some of you are nursing hangovers. Oh well, life goes on, right? 😉 Happy New Year

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4 Responses to Mall Reader

  1. as with many of your photos, there’s a story waiting to be told, or being told. love your photo journalistic style.

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