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Gosh, I remember years ago taking a shot of this same storefront in Chinatown with my old Panasonic point & shoot. How times have changed, at least for me. The storefront, well it’s pretty much in the same shape.

So I looked at a new car yesterday, that Mazda CX5. Gotta say, it’s exactly what I want. They were desperate to sell it to me but I insisted on sleeping on it. Also, I need to talk to my insurance company to see how much more I’d pay for this car. This morning, after some very careful consideration and number crunching, I came to the sad conclusion that there simply is no way I can afford it. I’ve decided to put it off until the spring or longer. In the meantime I’m going to work on how to get my cost of living down to the point where I could take on that sort of debt. Really, it’s the smart move, I think. I’m hardly able to chip away at my current debt let alone at any new debt. And in time interest rates will go up again, making it even more of a challenge to pay down debt. I only wish my provincial government had the same attitude about debt. Here in Ontario we are worse off financially than the state of California, believe it or not. Our liberal government has doubled our debt in the ten years they’ve been mismanaging the province. We pay over $10 BILLION annually just to carry that debt burden, without paying a nickle towards the principle. The worst part is, they don’t see the shit storm looming on the horizon when interest rates begin to rise again. Simply, there’s no way we’ll ever be able to get out from under this huge debt. The last thing I want to do with my personal finances is put myself in the same place my government has put the taxpayers in. Plus, to do so would be hugely hypocritical of me. Walk the walk, I say.

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