Christmas Day on Yonge St.


There’s so much for me in this photo. Forget the subject matter for a moment and just look at how busy the upper right corner of the composition is compared to the lower left corner. Then consider how that busy upper right corner is all about consumerism, while the uncluttered lower left corner is made up of a single man on Christmas day who likely has next to nothing and no one in his life. Between the two contrasting corners is a woman walking the line. She’s alone, yet she has bags likely filled with gifts. She’s either coming from somewhere where she received those gifts or going somewhere to give them out. She’s also ignoring the man who also seems to be ignoring her. For me, this would be a poignant image on any day, but there’s an extra ingredient in that this happens to be Christmas day. After taking the photo I stopped and asked how he was doing. He seemed quite upbeat, to be honest. I wonder how many others took the time to ask. He was one of the two people I spoke to that day.

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2 Responses to Christmas Day on Yonge St.

  1. one of the best photos I’ve ever seen, an award winner, I think. The composition is perfect and the message is strong. The fact that his sign says, “Merry Christmas” just puts the icing on the cake. Submit this.

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