Change needed


I took this in the middle of September. He was good enough to let me photograph him. I drop a couple of bucks in his hat. I was downtown today for lunch with a friend and there seemed to be a homeless person on every corner, even though it was quite cold out today. I can’t begin to imagine what it’s like to be so disconnected from civilization, to not have anywhere to go at night, to be addicted to drugs or booze to the point where that’s all that matters. It’s a shame we can’t do more for these people. Ironically I ended up on the 31st floor of the Trump Tower downtown for a $10 buck beer. The view was amazing and the service impeccable. It was a good day out and about even if I didn’t bring along my camera.

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2 Responses to Change needed

  1. his face is pretty amazing, almost glowing from the depths of the hood. Kind of the “face of need”. Nice work.

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