Dundas Square Christmas Day


Here’s a panoramic shot of Dundas Square on Christmas day. Basically, it’s maybe five or six shot stitched together to create one very wide angle shot. I took it because it seemed I was the only soul out there at that time on Christmas. Dundas St. is to the right of the shot and that’s Yonge St. straight ahead in the distance. This represents the epicentre of downtown Toronto. Very much like a poor man’s NYC Times Square. In the summer this place is almost always packed with people and events. It’s not much of a photo, to be honest, but I thought some of you from other countries might like to see what Toronto’s Dundas Square looks like, since I’m always posting photos shot from around there. Hope you like it.

I had a pretty good weekend. Saturday I went downtown with my ex-girlfriend and picked up a small tub of borscht soup from this vendor at St. Lawrence Market. I wasn’t expecting much but man was it ever good. Like awesome! And it worked out to be three bowls for under six bucks. I also grabbed a couple of homemade cabbage rolls and same story. Just terrific. From there we had lunch down the street and then a drink on the 31st floor or Trump Tower. The view was amazing. Today the person who bought my old camera gear popped by to pick it up. I gave her a tour of the camera and a couple of books on how to use it so I think she’ll be fine. Nice to have that out of the way. Anyway, hope you had a good weekend, and have a good evening.

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