Glen Manor Ravine


Here’s yet another Christmas day photo. Glen Manor Ravine is in the beaches, close to where I live. I went to two grade schools right around the corner from this place when I was a kid. Spent a lot of time in that ravine. It’s a beautiful spot and a great place for winter photography. The guy in the distance was out walking his dog. I wanted him in the shot for perspective. I’m posting early today since I’m on the later shift and won’t have tim to post tonight. Hope you have a great week. Here in Toronto it’s going to get very cold for the next few weeks. The daily high isn’t supposed to break – 10 C. for a week. Nasty business, if you ask me. A good time for a vacation south.

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2 Responses to Glen Manor Ravine

  1. Frances says:

    That is an awesome shot….Hopefully the trees made it through the ice storm. It’s heartbreaking to see all trees that have been hit. Have a great day!

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