Framing your shot


This shot dates back to a hot day in August, 2012. The composition breaks down into two competing subjects. The umbrellas covering the fruit stand and the foot traffic in the distance. Since the umbrellas are sort of static, they’re there more to frame the subject, which would be the foot traffic in the bottom right corner. Unfortunately, the fail here comes from impatience of the shooter. Simply, the subject is boring. I like the use of the umbrellas and the rough rule of thirds fit of the people but what I should have done is stood there and waited for something interesting to fill up that bottom right corner before firing the final, keeper shot. This here is more of a test shot to check the composition before waiting on something to happen. Sadly, for reasons I no longer remember, I moved on before capturing something really interesting. The good news is I can always go back, as the shop-keep has these umbrellas out every summer, and being located at Kensington Market means I’m there often. So there you have it. Hope you like it. If you have any thoughts on the composition or my explanation please feel free to pass them along.

Had a really bad day today, from the moment the alarm went off. Simply, I never should have gotten out of bed. But we’re short staffed and me calling in would have only further burdened my coworkers. I thought I’d be able to rally in the afternoon after sleeping in an empty office over my lunch hour, but ended up leaving a tad early. I feel a bit better now, after a good workout, but I’m still not myself. Fingers crossed I sleep better tonight. I hate being at work in a zombie state.

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4 Responses to Framing your shot

  1. Frances says:

    You have the best “eye” for taking shots. Awesome! And the creepy one before… 🙂 Awesome too.

  2. Rick says:

    Something I am working or or trying and plan to make it work to some degree .. Looking forward to at least one thing I am getting up to enjoy or that I want to do!!! This is an instead of a to do list … Mornings have sucked for awhile now — I am also doing a bok that a friend wrote about getting up early each day … That will be a miracle but for now find at least one thing you want to do each day and look forward to .. kinda like as a kid I so looked forward to bowling every Saturday .. you have one already which is your photography and I think it’s awesome in ever respect! Rick Carter 315 372 3377

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