Massey Hall Christmas


Here’s another shot from my Christmas day outing. At 1/80th of a second shutter you can still see movement in the falling snow, which is what I wanted. My ISO was set to 400 and my aperture to f5.6. By upping my ISO to 800 (1 stop) and widening my aperture to F4 (1 stop) I could have doubled my shutter speed twice: once to 160th and then again to 320th of a second. At 320th of a second the snow would have been stopped cold in the air. I’m only mentioning it to help you keep in mind that you can always change a photo by playing with the settings. At 1/15th of a second shutter speed, for instance, that taxi would have been almost a blur and the snow would have looked more like a wind storm. Making my shutter really fast would have made the snow look all pretty, like gently falling snow flakes stopped in mid-air, completely changing the scene.

Anyway, I’m off work tomorrow. I’m really having a bad time with my sleep. The past two weeks have been horrible. Even on the weekends I’m not rested. I’m hoping a long weekend will help break this cycle. We’re slow so it’s not a problem. Next week is our busy week so it’s important I’m on my game for that. Hope you have a nice weekend.

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3 Responses to Massey Hall Christmas

  1. richardlcarter says:

    Hi try 3 mg melatonin for the next frew weeks at night it’ll take a couple weeks to see resultws and then when your back taper it off to every other night and in two weeks you should be fine! rICK cARTER 315 372 3377

    • Thanks. I did try 5mg of melatonin for a few days but found I was a bit groggy headed during the day at work.

      • Here's Rick ! says:

        It is different for everyone but nyquil and benedryl type sleep helps are worse for most people ( really zonks them! ) .. After a few weeks you don’t notice the melatonin and after 6 month usually many find they go to sleep and discover OH?! I didn’t take it last night or the last several! Unless they are still stressed out to max like me! LOL God Bless and pray it resolves!

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