Two windows and a red ladder on a green wall


This shot is from my visit to Picton, Ontario last fall. Not really much to talk about here. This is one of those rare photos where I really don’t see the need for a person to be in it. It’s clean and simple and all about the colours. Anyway, not sure I mentioned but I’ve had a cold since last Saturday night. The early part of the week was rough but I feel it’s breaking now. I’m hoping to be on the mend by the weekend.

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10 Responses to Two windows and a red ladder on a green wall

  1. lynnwiles says:

    Nice shot, Dave, and may I say that I got the same cold on the same day and it is lingering.

    • Hi Lynn… So nice to hear from you. It’s been a while. Sorry to hear you’re sick too. Hopefully it doesn’t linger too long. I’ve been doing everything I can to beat it so I’m pretty confident it will only last a day or two more. You never know, though. Take care and best wishes in 2014.

  2. TimidX. says:

    People always wanna move up. “Upgrade”. Some people wait for the right ladder to help them climb up while some people use any ladder they get their hands on. But not everybody makes it to the top. . . so many of them slip and fall into the abyss.

  3. bananabatman says:

    This is an interesting image well taken. Great colour opportunity. I seems to ask some questions though! 🙂

  4. hihowsyou25 says:

    The contrast between the colour os great, great shot , well done !

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