Mall washroom hallway


Well I finally made it downtown with the camera today. My first downtown outing since Christmas. Far too long, but it has been far too cold. I didn’t realize there was a protest going on at Dundas Square to do with Venezuela, which turned out to be a bonus for me. I also got some great late afternoon shadow shots I’ll share this week. Then I went to 3Brewers pub for a bite and a pint. That was fun. This shot was from the Eaton Centre. Buddy doesn’t look too pleased with me, does he. I noticed the reflections of the people in the hall on the tiled walls and had to get the shot. I then dialed it up a bit in Lightroom. Anyway, hope you’re having a nice weekend.

Oh, I almost forgot: I started my day at Henry’s Camera Store downtown to check out the new Fuji XT1. They had a Fuji rep there showing it off. Wow, what a nice camera. The viewfinder is amazing, but it’s an electronic viewfinder (EVF), not an optical one like in my 5D Mrk III. Sort of like seeing your subjects and scenes through a really small television. I’m not 100% sure that’s something I’d like. I’m so used to my OVF that changing would take a bit of getting used to. But the camera is lovely. I’m going to wait it out a bit and revisit the idea of buying this camera this summer.

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3 Responses to Mall washroom hallway

  1. Mike Pratt says:

    I’m still not sold on those electronic viewfinders. Just put a nice optical in there and I’d probably purchase one of those. All the reviews I’ve read or watched say it is one heck of a good camera.

    Malls are tricky places to shoot in, mostly because of the security who always seems to catch me taking pictures! Great shot, and yeah, he definitely looks a bit displeased haha.

  2. @ Mr. Pratt
    I agree. I was really hoping to fall in love with that huge EVF but it still doesn’t compare to seeing the real world through an optical viewfinder. I’ve never had trouble with malls, at least not yet. I’m usually pretty stealthy, though.
    @ Mike: Thanks.

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