Under the big awning


This awning is out front of an old theatre on Yonge St. across from the Eaton Centre. It’s a beautiful place. I saw the famous monologist Spalding Grey there many years ago. He’s since died, jumped off a New York City bridge to his death. Not sure if it was the Brooklyn bridge. Very sad. The guy was brilliant. But I digress. I think this guy was just getting his bearings. I thought the shot of the looming awning and him under it would work. Not sure the composition is the best, though. I wish there was a yellow taxi or a fire truck parked across the street. That would have balanced the shot nicely. Anyway, it is what it is, right? Hope you like it.

So I’ve been thinking about that Fuji XT1 some more. I’m going to wait until the summer, but I’ve also been thinking of another direction. Instead of buying that camera, invest in a couple of fast prime lenses for my 5D. The 24-105mm F4 L glass lens I have now is a fantastic focal length for street photography, but it’s just not the sharpest lenses out there and the images don’t “pop” the way they do with super sharp prime lenses. I’m thinking maybe that Canon 35mm F2 IS lens, and the 85mm F1.8 lens for portraits. I’d also consider the Tamron 24-70 F2.8 IS lens. And on the wide end maybe the Canon 16-35mm F2.8 L lens, although it’s a small fortune. Tokina makes a 16-28mm F2.8 IS lens that’s supposed to be very sharp, too, but the quality control is a little iffy. This is all me just dreaming, of course, but maybe I’ll win the lotto soon. One can only hope, right. Have a good evening.

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