Where’s the fire?


This toy firetruck was sitting on a picnic table in a small playground/park downtown. Along with it there was many other small toys, like toddler tricycles, dump trucks, etc… But no kids to be found. The toys, apparently, are left out all year around for whoever shows up to play with. I’ve seen this at other parks, too. Toys left out and no one steals them. I think it’s amazing in a large city like Toronto. I think it’s a fantastic teaching tool for parents, as well. I just hope they’re using this example to teach their kids about respect for property and for community. Makes me proud to call myself a Torontonian. Don’t get me wrong, no doubt there are other neighbourhoods where you just couldn’t get away with this, but you can’t let a few spoiled apples ruin the bushel, right? Anyway, hope you’re enjoying your Sunday. I didn’t get out at all this weekend, but did get some much needed chores done, so it wasn’t a total waste.

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