Purple Rain


See what I did there with the title? The guy’s holding the umbrella and the Nuit Blanche bicycle installation out front of City hall is illuminated in purple – Purple Rain. Yeah, don’t roll your eyes at me, okay. 🙂 This shot dates back to the fall, you know, just before the freakin’ ice age. I got lucky with his stride, especially with the one foot off the ground. I love shooting at night but don’t get out much. That’s the downside to having a full time job, I suppose. Anyway, here we are at the end of another cold and windy weekend in Toronto. There was a St. Paddy’s Day parade downtown, and a rally in support of Ukraine. I missed them both, opting for a pint and French toast with my ex at a local cafe we frequent. Can’t wait for patio weather. I’m sure it won’t be long now. The forecast for June shows it warming up a tad. Fingers crossed.

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