And the band played on…


I’m a little sketchy on the name of the pub, but it was on Queen St. E. in the Regent Park area of Toronto. I believe it was named The Dominion. What I do remember clearly, besides this terrific group that took the stage, was this lovely red head who I ended up sitting with and talking to for the evening. She was really cute and we hit it off straight away. I was with the photo walks group but left them to join her. It was a real boost to my shaky self esteem. I didn’t bother trying for her number, since she was much younger than I was, but still it was a memorable evening. As for the band, they were terrific, playing a lot of country and folk songs and really looking the part. I could really use a good time out like that again, after this cold and lonely winter.

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2 Responses to And the band played on…

  1. gotta find your own joy every day! often when you stop looking, it finds you.

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