Run boy run


I shot this in early December of 2012 down at the beach in Toronto’s east end. I was panning the camera while dragging the shutter to get the blurred effect. I’ve since changed my shutter speed to 1/20th of a second from 1/15th in order to get a more clear image of whatever subject I’m trying to capture. 1/15th of a second is a tad slow, in my opinion. I may even go to 1/25th, after I practice a bit. As for the shot itself, I like the simplicity of it. Three gradients of colour and one subject and that’s it. I think it the dog were more “frozen” in place, it might have worked better. Next time. Anyway, it’s been quite a week at work. I think possibly the busiest we’ve had since I’ve been there. So glad the weekend’s finally upon us. I’m hoping to get out tomorrow with the camera but it might have to wait until Sunday. Sunday’s going to be the better day here in Toronto, but the group is getting together tomorrow.

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4 Responses to Run boy run

  1. enmanscamera says:

    Hey, great image! glad I stopped by.

  2. Amazing shot. Nice use of lines.

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