Big Head


This one dates back only a few weeks now, to the last photo walk I was on. I saw this remarkable carving on Carlaw Ave in Toronto’s east end and figured it would make a neat shot. Anyway, it was a rather boring weekend for me. I was really hoping to get out today but as usual chores came first and I made it out only to do buy groceries for dinner. I really need to break this new habit of not going out. I tend to be a homebody by nature, but since I took up photography I’ve pushed myself to get out and explore the city. But with the brutal winter we’ve had I fell back into old habits. Perhaps one the weather improves even more I’ll be inclined to venture out for at least one of the two days. I have been meeting my ex girlfriend pretty regularly for weekend lunch, I should add, so it’s not like I’m becoming to total hermit. I just have to get my groove back. Hope you had a good Sunday and best wishes for a terrific week.

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7 Responses to Big Head

  1. Frances says:

    I absolutely love this photo. I would pay for this. Let me know. I want it !

  2. Frances says:

    What do you think? 8 x 10 picture? I can bring you $$ before.

    • I don’t need the money in advance, so no worries there. I do need to determine what aspect ratio it fits. It’s probably more like 8 x 12 than 8 x 10. Won’t cost much. I get my prints done at a specialty shop. If yo like, I can have them frame it, too. They did my show, if you recall. I think printing is like $20 bucks and the framing is like $50, but let me find out. I’d charge you a $30.00 mark-up to cover my running around.

  3. Frances says:

    Yes to all of the above. That is awesome. That is going to look great !!!!!! I’m so excited 🙂

  4. Frances says:

    Thanks Dave.. I appreciate it 🙂

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