140 Yonge


I took this during a very fun night walk downtown with some friends. This is a new old style cafe on Yonge a couple of blocks south of Queen St. It’s absolutely beautiful inside. The whole building was restored to its original glory. Must have cost a small fortune. Likely a large one, in fact. As for the photo, this was shot at ISO 3200, which typically results in a lot of unwanted digital noise, but my 5D Mrk III does a really nice job in keeping the noise to a minimum.

So more car troubles today. Another $500 down the toilet. Maybe more. And I had to book off tomorrow to get it looked after. The really sad part is I was hoping to trade in this vehicle in a month or two. At this point I’ve spend more on it in the past four months than it’s worth. I’ve been having an amazingly bad bit of luck, financially speaking, of late. Hope that changes, and soon.

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