Three bells


I remember when I took this shot a couple of months back. Man was it COLD. Like, I mean it was freezing! Sorta like most of the winter here in Toronto. I played with the white balance in post in order to make the shot seems a tad bluer and colder. The cup on top of the first payphone is from Canada’s iconic Tim Horton’s, a national chain of coffee shops. I get a medium regular with an espresso shot in it almost every day. Yummy.

So tomorrow I head out to do something stupid. Simply, spend money I do not have on a new car. It’s a demo, actually. Not 100% sure I’ll buy it but I’m taking it for a test drive and we’ll see from there. My job is not secure and based on that alone I should not be spending any money, let alone borrowed money. On the other hand, my truck is on its last leg and in the past week alone I’ve spend $1,500 on it and it needs more work still. Best to trade it in while I’ve still got something to trade.

I’m going through an odd time right now. It’s not depression, but it’s something sort of like indifference. I don’t feel like leaving the house and I don’t want to be with people. But that’s not entirely true, since I’m lonely too. I want to hang out with people but at the same time I don’t. Same with photography. I’ve lost interest. I feel like going out and taking photos but again I don’t want to be around people. I used to suffer from social anxiety disorder and I think what I’m going through is something akin to that, but not nearly as severe. Anyway, not sure why I’m bothering you with this stuff. Who cares. I’ll get over it. Maybe it’s the weather.

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4 Responses to Three bells

  1. Nelson says:

    finding one of those Bell pay phone is rare around here, finding three in a row is almost a miracle

  2. richardlcarter says:

    Don’t sweat it /./ Many of us here have become a bit more than a casual acquaintance .. and care! Rick Carter =)

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