Don’t look now, another tourist…


That’s actually not a tourist but my friend and the leader of the Toronto Photo Walks group, Paul. I shot this from way down low without being able to see what I was aiming at. Just sort of pointed the camera at the geese, half pressed the shutter to focus, recomposed to catch Paul, and fired off the shot. This would have been an excellent time to use the back button focus technique. Rather than having the camera focus on a half press of the shutter, you can assign focus to a back button. When you get the camera pointed at your subject, you hit the back button to focus and it remains locked as you recompose. As long as your subject doesn’t move, you can recompose and fire off shots to your heart’s desire without worrying about the camera refocusing when you move it to change your composition. My camera’s not set up for this but it’s easy enough to do. But it takes a lot of getting used to. People who use it swear by it. Here’s a video tutorial showing you how to do it and how it’s used.

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