Guy and three trees


I shot this a long time back, March 2012 outside the Art Gallery of Ontario. I still had my old Canon T2i Rebel. That was a nice camera, made nicer by a couple of spectacular lenses I had for it. So I have a long weekend coming up. I’m still sick but getting better slowly. Hopefully I’ll be well enough to get out a bit this weekend. I might join a couple of friends to check out some of the photography exhibits in this year’s Contact, an annual event here in Toronto. I also have to consider getting some yard work done, so it’s going to be a balancing act. Tomorrow morning I see a physiotherapist for my injured shoulder. I hurt it a couple of weeks back working out. Well, to be accurate, I re-injured it. The original injury dates back to last October. I gave it a couple of weeks to heal back then and immediately returned to working out — too soon, apparently. It’s been bothering me all winter but not enough to stop and rest. Now I have no option. Once I get over this cold, though, I do plan to start working out again, but I’ll be doing something entirely different than I was, in order to give my shoulder time to get better. Probably mostly cardio, leg and core work. No upper body weight work for me for a while. The main thing is I need to stay in a routine so once I am well enough to start back on the weights, it won’t be such a difficult adjustment. Anyway, enough of my rambling. Hope you had a good week so far. Thanks god tomorrow’s Friday.

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  1. I first thought this image looked so familiar. The location looks similar to an image I shot a year ago 🙂 I must make it out to the AGO at least this month for some Contact events. I did go last Sunday to the Gordon Park exhibit hosted by B.A.N.D., which was great. I too need to get back into the gym, once I finish healing from my recent surgery. I’m itching to get moving!

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