Pan Am 2015, Toronto


If you’re not from Toronto, or Canada, you might not know that Toronto is hosting the 2015 Pan Am Games. Sure, we’re buried under debt to the point where the interest payments make up the third highest line item on the budget, but why let a little thing like bankruptcy get in the way of playing games with the taxpayers’ money, right? In fairness, it’s not actually taxpayer bucks at play here, since we have to go borrow the money to fund it. I’m sure out grand kids will thank us for the poverty we put them in with the way we are spending their future.

So what the hell does all that have to do with the buildings in the photo, you wonder? These will be home to the athletes during their stay in 2015 for the games. Afterwards, they will be sold for enormous amounts of money no one but the rich will be able to afford to pay. I certainly will never live in one of them. Over half my earnings go to taxes so we can keep making those astronomical interest payments on our debt. So what’s the plan to pay down that debt at some point, you ask? Like, certainly our government must have a plan, right? Yup, sure do. Just keep borrowing and let our kids and their kids work something out down the road. They’re smart kids, they’ll figure out something, I’m sure. The problem is, most people in this city seem to think of the government as their personal baby sitting service, and those who promise the most are the ones who get elected. Should a politician dare try to do something to get spending under control and the people will march on City Hall to try to get the guy thrown out. Anyway, there’s one of my rare political rants for you. Enjoy. 😉

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4 Responses to Pan Am 2015, Toronto

  1. Nelson says:

    also if you smoke crack it may help politician getting reelected next fall

    • I doubt it. I wonder if that would make for a good excuse to tell our grand kids. Sorry you’re poor but we had to forego being fiscally responsible because our Mayor smoked crack. Because of him we had no choice but to borrow away your future. Have fun with that… 🙂

  2. Andrew Grieve says:

    Hey Dave. I was general counsel to the Pan Am Games for a year. Unfortunately the only way the government funds fitness is through these types of games. We get a lot of new facilities after the games that assist fitness. We also celebrate fitness during the games. I think it is a good thing.

    • Fair enough, Andrew. We certainly are getting a lot of new infrastructure we wouldn’t see without those games. I suppose that’s the other side of it, the benefit. Me, I’m not a fan of those games as I don’t trust our governments to spend wisely on them.

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