Green Machine


Well yesterday and today simply could not have went better. Made it to Kensington Market today for a fantastic day of photography. Got a bunch of shot I’m very happy with. And yesterday was just as fruitful. But most importantly, I got out and stayed the hell out for two days straight. That’s just what the doctor ordered. Had a great time enjoying the weather the the time I spent with my photographer buddies. I’m almost ready to go back to work. Tomorrow will be my day to get organized for the coming work week, plus edit a few last photos from the two days of photography. It’s going to be low key, for sure. Anyway, I’ve posted a photo or two in the past of this car at Kensington Market, but I really like how this shot turned out. Hope you had a terrific weekend.

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7 Responses to Green Machine

  1. Rick Carter says:

    Really liked the car … Always been working and drooling over cars even before I could walk 😉 LOL

  2. too many good things to say about this one. How perfect to get flash back above this shot? So crisp and clear, and that chrome! I love this one.

  3. Wow!! Very nice shot 🙂

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