Under the walkway


Here’s a shot from Saturday. This is a walkway leading to an upper deck at City Hall. I thought the play of light and shadow was pretty interesting. I really liked how the people on that bench to the right are framed in light. Anyway, my final day of my vacation is finished. I’ve been doing some photo editing from the past two days and I think that’s all done, too. I snapped maybe 1,000 + photos over the weekend of which I thought 84 were worth editing. Of those maybe half are pretty nice and will see the light of day here. So it was a pretty darn productive weekend, I must say. I’ve almost forgotten about all those chore days last week. Anyway, hope you like this one. I’ll be posting a few portraits in the coming days.

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3 Responses to Under the walkway

  1. Nelson says:

    I am glad to know that I am not the only one who take hundred of photos and end up with only a few that are good

    • The longer I do it the less I have that are keepers. It’s very rare I take as many photos as I did this weekend.

      On Monday, May 26, 2014, the lazy photographer wrote:


      • Nelson says:

        I usually take between 200 and 300 per shoot and I will keep probably less than 50. In a sporting event where I put my cam on multiple shot I can get 800-900 photos and will probably keep 50-60 photos

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