Copy Cat


This inflatable stick guy just happened to be blowing in the same direction as the poster behind him. I thought there might be a shot there. I never imagined I’d get him sort of copying the guy in the poster. Made me laugh. So I got out to another photo walk yesterday. It wasn’t too hot but it was a gruli9ngly long walk, so it seemed. By the end of it I was falling asleep in my chair at the pub. Man was I tired. But I had a great time. I’ve got to say, I’m sooo lucky to have met such a good group of people at this stage of my life.

Here’s a couple of group shots I took during the outing. Because I really dislike having my photo taken and do not participate in the group shots, it makes sense to have me take them.



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One Response to Copy Cat

  1. Here's Rick ! says:

    Awesome that you had a grand time! Rick =)

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