Portrait in nice light


During our lunch stop I ended up sitting across from this lady, who is a fellow photographer. She used to be a professional photojournalist, so I was quite interested in hearing her stories. Our group was on the second floor of The Monk’s Table (a little restaurant on Yonge St near St Clair) and right above our table was this skylight that just happened to be delivering some nice natural light. I was very fortunate to have gotten this photo, since that light was only there for a small window of time in the day.

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6 Responses to Portrait in nice light

  1. iggytwin says:

    This is a really lovely photo. That lighting!! Gah~ lustrous.

  2. Doron says:

    Great shot and other than the lighting and technical aspects etc. it captures something of her essence amazingly well.

  3. Love finding beautiful light. Lovely shot. You’re group wasn’t far from me!

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