Spirit Wall


I’ve been trying to photograph this wall for a couple of years now; since it was first created, actually. The problem was/is, it faces north and is always in shadow, at least whenever I’ve passed it. I’ve even tried to predict when the sun would catch it, guessing it would be near the end of the day around this time of year. But even with a prediction in hand, I never could seem to be there at the right time for whatever reason. Until Sunday.

I did something a little new for me this past Sunday. I bought a day pass to our public transit system. I parked in my favourite all day $2.00 spot, which is about halfway to downtown, then hopped the streetcar for the rest of the ride. I ended up all over the place. At one point I was on the streetcar and simply got off because the next three blocks were interesting to me. After I walked the three blocks with the camera out I jumped back on another streetcar and headed to another area. I’ve always associated public transit with having to get a transfer and being able to only use it under certain conditions and not being able to hop on and off the transit wherever I wanted. This day pass really freed me up to do whatever my heart desired. My plan is to do it again but take the whole day from early morning. I might bring a map but that’s so me. Instead, to just jump on some public transit at random and have no real sense of where it goes and just going with the flow, like letting yourself get lost in your own city, really appeals to me. It would be so different to how I am. Anyway, I had a terrific afternoon and ended up all over the place.

Back to the wall in the photo above. So on my way home I drove right past this wall and gave it my usual quick look and kept driving. It wasn’t until I passed the next lights did I suddenly realize the wall had been lit up by beautiful late afternoon sunlight. It was around 7:00, if I recall. I turned around and drove back, parked and snapped this off. This is a High Dynamic Range photo, aka HDR. Simply, it’s three photos taken at different exposure overlaid to create one very detailed photo. Usually I wait for a cyclist to drive through a shot like this, and that did happen and I did get that photo, but for HDR you really don’t want moving objects passing through the shot, as they will be captured in three different spots, one for each exposure. When overload into one photograph, the moving subject will have a weird stuttered effect in it. I did get luck with the guy waiting at the door at the bottom right. He wasn’t moving so I shot it with him in it.

Anyway, hope you like it and hope you had a wonderful weekend. I’ve been off since Thursday night and tomorrow’s my first day back this week. I’ve got another four day weekend starting end of day Thursday again. Yippy. 🙂

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2 Responses to Spirit Wall

  1. iggytwin says:

    “was it the most glorious or the most monstrous moment when Jay met his creative spirit?’
    is that what it says on the wall?
    that is really quite a stunning piece of graffiti I’ve seen in a really long time.

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