Santa cyclist


Every wonder what Santa does in the summer? What I like best about this shot, and it’s a lucky catch, is his head is in the light but the rest of him is still in the shade. Two fee in either direction and it would have been an entirely different photograph. Technically speaking, I find this a really pleasing shot. Symmetrically it just seems to work, to my eye. Of course, it’s all subjective. Perhaps you don’t see what I see, and that’s fine, too.

So I’m now officially off for the next four days. Drank two big glasses of Australian Cab/Merlot this evening, with some old cheeses. That’s a nice way to start a vacation, even a short one. Tomorrow I have a coupe of chores but other than that it’s going to be a free weekend. What I mean is, my mind will be free of worrying about things I have to get done. Saturday I’ll be on a photo walk all day and Sunday my friend turns 60 and I’m going to her birthday party in the late afternoon. I’m hoping to get out Sunday in the morning and early afternoon to do some walking around. This might be my best four days off yet.

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4 Responses to Santa cyclist

  1. Love the light here. Definitely a serendipitous shot. I love when that happens. For me, it’s never planned. I like the symmetry of it too – feels nicely balanced with the dark and light.

  2. oh the light in this, lovely. love that his head/beard is in the light.

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