Green on green with black hat


This is Peter from our photo walks group. It’s one of those shots I took because how I envisioned processing it later, rather than because of what I saw at that moment. It’s just a fun shot but I think it works. Hope you like it. Oh, and today is my birthday! Another year closer to the grave. Yay! 🙂

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6 Responses to Green on green with black hat

  1. Rick says:

    Happy Birthday! I know your comment well … I now work at thinking I have another day to pass what I know on to others and help them save time at the least and make a difference! Warm wishes and again Happy birthday! I’m almost always about so feel free to respond whenever! Rick Carter =)

  2. Frances says:

    Happy Birthday!! Have a great day and weekend

  3. Every day is a blessing and an opportunity to spread joy! Thanks for your pics, they are a joy. Happy birthday! –tw

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