To mail or not to mail, that is the question


This guy was pretty high and putting on quite the show today downtown. I’ve seen him around plenty of times and have given him plenty of money over the years. I got a few shots but nothing was really working since he wouldn’t hold still long enough. Finally I asked him to stand between to mailboxes and this is the shot I got. In my mind I visualized processing it in colour but once I got home I realized it worked better in black and white. The big red mailboxes sort of distracted from the subject. Hope you like it.

As for the day, it was very busy downtown and we had quite a large group. I met some new people today, too, which was lots of fun. I’m so lucky to have found this group, as I really enjoy my time with them. Anyway, pretty tired now and it’s past my bedtime. I’ll post another tomorrow for you, also back & white.

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2 Responses to To mail or not to mail, that is the question

  1. Love this shot. The mailboxes (bw) really work nice to frame him.

    • Thanks. I had two friends say they found the mailboxes a tad distracting. I have a couple other shots of this guy that are actually better than this one. I’ll post them down the road. Cheers.

      On Monday, June 23, 2014, the lazy photographer wrote:


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