Red bulb


A couple of weeks back during an outing downtown on my own I stopped for a pint in this little bar on Queen West near Ossington. I thought this bulb was interesting. I’ve got another shot of it but have yet to process it. Funny, when I first started out in photography this was the sort of thing to which I was attracted, but now I’m far less interested in inanimate objects. I must prefer people photos. Anyway, hope you like it.

Back to work tomorrow. Just getting my shit together today — lunches, laundry, dinner, that sort of thing. It’s another short week for me. I’m off half day Thursday and all of Friday. We have Canada Day July 1st and then that’s it for my vacation days until September. But I do feel I really got to enjoy myself with all the time I’ve had off the past two months.

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3 Responses to Red bulb

  1. The red wall is a nice accent.
    Enjoy your long weekend. I’ll just be off on the stat, but monday will be nice and quiet at work, so it will feel relaxing 🙂

  2. very cool, artsy shot. this one’s a seller!

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