She watches, he reads


Taking public transit to trip around downtown can be sort of fun. As I mentioned before, I bought a day pass and simply got on and off streetcars and subways as the mood struck me. I really want to try this again but make a full day of it. Just allow myself to get lost. I can be a pretty impatient guy and usually the idea of a trip on transit makes me crazy because it takes so long. But on that day I was jumping on and off it, I didn’t feel that way at all. I just enjoyed the ride and the change of scenery. Anyway, this shot was from a streetcar ride out in the west end, after visiting the Little Italy Street Fest a couple of weeks back. The little girl caught me with my camera up and turned away quickly. But I knew that being a little kid and all, she would not be able to resist a second glance at me, so I kept the camera trained on her and focused, ready for the shot. A moment later, she turned towards me again and I got her. Intuition plays a lot into photography, learning how to read people and forecast what’s abo0ut to happen.

I remember another time following a protest up Yonge Street, snapping away. Then I noticed this interesting reflection of light hitting the roadway about a half block up. I stopped shooting and started running, so I’d have a few seconds to decide where the best place to be was to catch the protesters as they marched through my delicious light. And sure enough, about 30 seconds later they all marched through it and I kept shooting until I landed a really decent shot of them. You might remember that shot. I posted it a while back and you can revisit it here. Point is, if you’re only thinking about what your camera is pointed at, you might miss something about to happen. You have to keep an eye out for what’s around the next bend.

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