Watch out for sharks, girls…

KensingtonMrkPedSun-214-EDITED-3Since tomorrow is the last Sunday in June, that means it’s another Pedestrian Sunday at Kensington Market. So I thought I’d post this photo from my last Kensington Market outing. Okay, just so you don’t get too worried for the girls, that is not, I repeat, NOT, a real shark. 🙂

Feeling pretty tired this morning. I had yesterday off and after completing all my chores around the house I decided to treat myself to a pint or two at the local watering hole. I brought along my tablet, since they have free wifi. After a pint I got this idea for a story and started writing it. Next thing I knew I was three pints in. Then my buddy from work showed up and we drank more pints. Then we went back to his place and sat out on his back deck and, you guessed it, drank a few beers. I’m not a drinker, typically. Two beers tends to be about all I’m ever interested in. Last night was the first time in years I’d been really drunk. So this morning my head feels much like a bag of hammers. I’m hoping a coffee or three will help clear out the drunken cobwebs.

So tomorrow is the big Gay Pride parade here in Toronto. As much as I’d like to shoot it, I’m guessing the crowds will be just too packed in to get any decent shots. And it will be killer hot tomorrow, with all that asphalt and people. I’ll probably just dial up Kensington Market again.

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