Like lines on a map…


This is one of those incredibly lucky shots, taken yesterday at Kensington Market. My friend, Mark, let me check out his new Olympus micro 4/3rds camera (the OMD EM-1), which has five axis image stabilization. Simply put, this is one of, if not the, best image stabilization systems built into any camera. Anyway, I turned and suddenly this guy was like right there in front of me. Without thinking I fired off a shot blind. I even think I was still turning at that point. If you look at a 100% crop you can see a bit of blur, but only slight. Other than that it’s a very usable shot, considering. I doubt my camera would have captured it without more blur. I also processed a colour version of this but after much deliberation I decided I like this one just a tad better.

Anyway, Monday and back to the gulag. But I have Tuesday off, as it is Canada Day. I have a ton of photos still to process and may take some time tomorrow to look after that. Hope you have a wonderful week. Tomorrow I’ll post a couple of nice portraits from my Sunday outing.

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6 Responses to Like lines on a map…

  1. I’ve worked with elders my whole life. I appreciate wrinkles, and gray hair, old gnarled hands, and the wisdom that comes from years of life. I have captured some shots of elder couples walking together, holding hands, or not. My son says I stalk old people with my camera. This shot is really wonderful. You captured all that I strive for in my “stalking” with this pic.

  2. The Olympus is an amazing camera in particular for street photography. I have a Canon 40D however since getting my Olympus (OM-D EM-5) I have not used my Canon for the street. Btw, very nice capture, right place at the right time! Have a great Canada Day!

  3. Nelson says:


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