Umbrella in black & white


I doctored this one up a lot in Lightroom. Perhaps I over did it, I don’t know. Typically (and this is a tip for those new to post processing), when I do anything that’s pretty funky I’ll save it but refrain from looking at it again for a few days or a week or more. When I go back and look at it I can usually tell right away if it’s a hit or a miss. Even with this one, I’d originally processed it a more conventional way but tonight when I went to post it I had an idea to do it this way instead. But, I’m breaking my wait and see rule by posting it now rather than a week from now. So let me know if you like it. Maybe I’ll not be as happy with it in a few days but here it is for now. Have a great evening.

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4 Responses to Umbrella in black & white

  1. Nelson says:

    I do not think you over did it

  2. Ángel says:

    Puedes estar feliz, una gran foto muy bien procesada, la diferencia de contraste entre la persona y el paraguas acompañada del desenfoque no completo de la zona de atrás, perfecto

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