Up into the night


Here’s another shot from Saturday night. This was taken in the square out front of the ACC, our big hokey arena here in Toronto. The camera was on a tripod pointing straight up. I shot it in bulb mode with a remote with the shutter open for 90 seconds. The aperture is F14. I could have shot it at F4 with a much shorter shutter speed, but by allowing it to remain open that long, the sensor picks up all the light and detail. The rusted tubes with the stars cut into them is an art installation at Maple Leaf Square.

Anyway, back to work this morning. I’m not feeling myself today. Didn’t sleep well. I haven’t been sleeping well for some time now. I seem to have more days with anxiety than without lately. I think it’s over not working out and also over work. My shoulder is still injured and I’m afraid to start back into it. But I know I’ve got to soon, like at some point this month. But what can you do, right. Got to keep on keeping on, as the saying goes. Have a great week.

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2 Responses to Up into the night

  1. my reaction when opening the page to the photo, “Wow!”

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