Gooderham Building


See, New York isn’t the only city with a flat iron building. This is one of the most famous buildings in Toronto, actually. It’s at the corner of Church St. & Front St., which is in the heart of the St. Lawrence Market district. It’s a lovely downtown neighbourhood, very trendy. If I won the lotto, I’d sell my house and buy a large loft style condo in this hood. Something big enough that part of it could be dedicated to a small photography studio. Simply, I love this neighbourhood. Even more than Kensington Market, which is my second favourite place, tied with the Distillery District. I really with I could afford to live downtown, but my house generates an income from the basement apartment, so moving into a loft would mean the loss of that income, plus the added cost of maintenance fees that go along with condo life. Maybe one day my ship will come in.

As for the photo, it was a hand held shot taken at F4, 1/30th of a second and ISO 6400. I should have really dropped by shutter speed by a half stop to 1/2oth, which would have given me something around ISO 4000, but it’s still be darn clean. I did work on it in Lightroom, as I do with all my photos. With my old Canon T2i this wouldn’t have been possible.

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2 Responses to Gooderham Building

  1. Love this area, although I’ve never really visited it at night. Nice shot 🙂

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