The night guard


Here’s yet another night shot from a few weeks back. This security guard was just sitting and reading, watching the entrance to the parking garage. It’s a harder job thank one may think, really. At least I imagine it is. I mean, you spend a lot of time with your brain not than stimulated and with few people to talk to. It’s got to be somewhat boring. Then every now and again someone comes along and gives you a hard time for no reason. And the pay isn’t good, with usually no benefits. It’s a hard life, being a security guard. I know a lot of new people to our country end up in this position, often leaving behind important positions in their native country. I don’t want to say I feel sorry for them, but I do feel for them. It can’t be an easy life. Anyway, this was shot at ISO 100 with a long shutter speed on a tripod. Hope you like it.

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