Bouncing light downtown


At a certain time in the late afternoon during the summer months, you get some really funky light bouncing from one glass building onto another. The building in the photo, for instance, is facing east, yest it’s quite illuminated with sunlight. But I took this photo in the later afternoon with the sun low and behind this building. The sunlight was bouncing off the highrise behind me and onto my subject across the street. The real trick is to know when and where this interesting phenomena happens at given times of the year. I don’t make much of an effort to try to be there. I just go with luck. But it would make for an interesting project to list and photograph all the places where this happens. That would take some time, though. Anyway, hope you like it and have a great night.

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2 Responses to Bouncing light downtown

  1. Nice capture! Never thought about a building being a reflector before.

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