Snapped this shot a few weeks back during one of the photo walks in the west end. I probably should have done a little more work to the shot, to eliminate the thing in the bottom right corner, but what can you do. I think it’s part of the bike, actually. So had a pretty easy week at work, followed by a very busy day. But it was the kind of busy I like, where I have a solid, achievable plan and no one gets in the way of my executing on it. For the whole morning I went full on, and it wasn’t even for my own function. I was helping another team member with her function. All the jobs we dealt with today will land on my desk next Wednesday, and that will be my busy day, technically speaking, since Wednesday those jobs pass through my function. I’ll get help from others then. That’s what teamwork is about, right?

So no real plans for the long weekend. Lots going on but right now I’m too tired to lock on doing anything. I’d like to get out tomorrow but they’re calling for afternoon rain. I might still rally in the morning and do something downtown. I worked out this evening so my next workout is Sunday morning, meaning Saturday’s a free day for me. Anyway, I’m sure that’s all TMI. 🙂 Have a great weekend.

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2 Responses to Bicycle

  1. Dan Traun says:

    But what did you have to eat today? 😉 Love the brake handle; hardly notice that thing in the lower right at all.

  2. lol… okay, I get the hint. 🙂 Thanks.

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