Girls Night Out


So there was a photo walk yesterday, after all. Don’t know how I missed the invite, but my buddy Jeff texted me about going. So I hustled up and headed downtown. Had a good time, but it was a late one. Didn’t get home until around midnight. Anyway, I snapped this from the hip as we walked back to my car late. The restaurant looked awesome and I thought it was sort of cute, these girls having their night out. They didn’t seem to notice me. I stopped and was staring at the chandelier, so I guess they didn’t notice my camera at my waist level as I took a couple of shots. Worked out well. Hope you’re having a great Sunday.

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4 Responses to Girls Night Out

  1. Great shot. Can I ask, what settings to do leave your camera on? Do you leave on manual and pre-focus?

    • Hi Ardean. I shot this at F5.6, 1/40th of a second and ISO 6400. I didn’t pre-focused by instead sort of aimed my camera at what I thought was the chandelier.

      I was shooting in shutter priority and it was set to 1/40th. If I’d been paying more attention, I could have slowed it to perhaps 1/30th, which would have knocked my ISO down to maybe 4000. I could have even thrown it into manual and stopped the aperture down to f4 and cut my ISO by a stop again. But that might have made the depth of field too shallow to capture the girls in front sharply.

      As for manual focusing, I usually only use that if I know my subject will be at a certain point in a moment. Like if a distant cyclist is approaching and will be riding by shortly. I might focus on the road and wait for him/her to reach that spot.

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