Queen West Skate Boarder


This one dates way back to my old camera, the Canon T2i. Usually, with shots like this I try to catch a bit of blur to make the scene more engaging, by catching the sense of movement. In this case I just didn’t have time to make any adjustments. So a couple of things changed. Firstly, I shot this at F8, which provides a much wider depth of field (amount of stuff in focus). That’s why the buildings across the street seem just as in focus as the dude in the foreground. On top of that, I shot this at 1/250th of a second shutter speed, which froze the guy in place. The only sign of movement is his shirt gently blowing behind him, and even that’s frozen. Usually, I’d shoot a moving subject like this at 1/25th of a second (10 times slower) in order to catch some blurring of the shirt and such so you could tell he was moving. I’d also shoot this at F4 or F2.8 in order to blur the background a bit and isolate my subject in the foreground. But sometimes you just have to make do. Anyway, hope you had a great week and let the weekend begin. Tomorrow I’m hoping to make it down to the Toronto Harbourfront to catch some Yoga at an event down there and also this Hot & Spicy Food Fest. The city is also lifting an entire foot bridge in place over the lake shore blvd over the weekend and I suspect that would make for some neat shots. I just don’t know when they’ll be doing it. Hopefully I’ll get out tomorrow.

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