Toronto Skyscraper


So I got out again today, believe it or not! Usually Sunday is my busy chore day getting ready for the coming work week, but it was Open Streets TO this morning downtown so I decided to just go and shoot it, for a change. Had fun and actually got a few nice shots. I really like this one. It’s in-camera HDR (high dynamic range), meaning that the camera merged three photos of different exposure values to create one high dynamic range photo. The shot is of Yonge Street, facing south from College Street. Usually the street would be filled with cars but because of the Open Streets event it was closed this morning. Anyway, it was a good weekend with the camera. I’ll be sharing some shots from the past two days in the coming week. Hope you’re having a relaxing Sunday.

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2 Responses to Toronto Skyscraper

  1. great image. I did not know about Open Street TO

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