Another portrait day at Kensington Market





Happy Labour Day, all… So I had a fun couple of days out with the camera. I thought today I’d share the handful of portraits I was fortunate enough to get yesterday, thanks to the graciousness of my subjects who patiently put up with me. The last lady is Olivia Chow, which won’t mean anything to folks not from Ontario, but she’s running for Mayor of Toronto. She was nice enough to allow me to photograph her, but I suppose that’s part of the job. I can’t support her but that doesn’t change the fact she seems like a lovely person with the best of intentions for our fair city. Her husband was the famous Jack Layton, who was head of the NDP Party federally and who managed to garner so much support in the last election his party ended up becoming the official opposition party — a first in Canadian politics. Sadly, the man passed away from some form of cancer right afterwards. He made such an impact on politics in this country we gave him a well deserved state funeral. Again, I didn’t and don’t support the NDP but that does not mean the man didn’t have the best of intentions for this country in his heart. He was very much loved across Canada. I can’t help but feel bad for Ms. Chow, losing her beloved husband before his time. It can’t be easy.

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4 Responses to Another portrait day at Kensington Market

  1. Sayvan says:

    Hopefully you wont be supporting Rob Ford either… As a city Councillor in Toronto, Chow and Layton both had a very positive impact… To suggest that Layton was “infamous” is the furthest from the truth. Had he not succumbed to such a dreadful disease he most likely would have been the next Prime Minister of this great country.. a country that has been brought to its knees by the likes of Stephen Harper and his right wing conservatives.

    • I think you might have mistaken my use of the word infamous as having a negative connotation. That’s not how I meant it at all. I meant that Layton was a household name nation wide.

      And no, I won’t be voting Ford. I did the last time, though. For me it’s anyone but Chow and that’s looking like John Tory. I don’t know what I’ll do if it comes down to Ford and Chow. Probably just not vote. On Sep 1, 2014 8:00 PM, “the lazy photographer” wrote:


  2. Nelson says:

    Why do you say infamous Jack Layton, he was not the one smoking “crack”

    • Shit. I just looked it up and although I’ve always known “infamous” was used with a negative connotation, I honestly thought that it could be used in a positive way, too. But it appears I’m mistaken.

      Seriously, I don’t think any Canadian in his or her right mind would consider Layton in anything but the best of light. Well, any reasonable person anyway. Me, I was no fan of him and still am not a fan of Chow, but that doesn’t mean I can’t see that he always meant well and wanted only the best for our country.

      Anyway, I’m going to edit out that word since it’s honestly not what I meant when I used it.

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