Late day Kensington Market


Here’s another shot from Sunday at Kensington Market. It really is a special little place that lives in contradiction of the big city that envelops it. Before I got into photography I honestly can’t recall ever visiting it, although I’m certain I did at some point. I really didn’t get out to the west end often. It always struck me as so far away and foreign. Thanks to the pull of my camera, I know this city far better than I could have ever imagined before 2009. On the surface photography can be described as the art of capturing moments, but for me it has meant far more than that. Simply, it has awakened in me this sense of adventure that did not live in me before I discovered taking photographs.

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3 Responses to Late day Kensington Market

  1. Nelson says:

    Same for me .. in order to get some photos I go to local place where I would have not be going otherwise

  2. Frances says:

    Nice photo and comments. I feel the way you did in 2009 – the west end is far and I think I’ve been to Kensington twice in the last few years. I need to explore more. Maybe i will do a photo walk in the fall !

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